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 Summer 1

Sterling was great! His family use to be beekeepers. I always had bees on the lot but I never went near them but with his help we now had honey. It was soo good. 

My peppercorn was now fully mature. My food had flavor again.!

"Good boy!" Kobe was still an amazing hunter and I hardly ever had to feed him. Our relationship was such a win win. 

On an early summer morning while Sterling and I were goofing around after our chores and young man ran up to us bruised and beat up. 

"Please! Help me." Scared Sterling turned around defensively. 
"Stand back Ms. Gang, we don't know who this guy is." I gently push past him,

"I didn't know you and I helped you. We are kind and gentle people here Sterling. We don't turn down people who need us." Sterling nods his head slowly but keeps a watchful eye. 

After getting closer to him I better look over him. 

"Oh you poor thing. Come in the house and get cleaned up" I grab his arm to usher him in the house with haste. If I didn't tend these wounds now he would surely die from disease.

While I cleaned this boy up Sterling feed some of the neighborhood dogs. He was such an animal lover and couldn't turn down helping them as much as possible. 

After that, our summer was very calm. The young man made the choice to stay, much like Sterling did all those months ago. I found out his name was Wren and he was 17 years old. He was a sweet kid that had been attacked by wolves on a hunting party and had nearly escaped with his life. His father and older brothers had not been so lucky. 

Another orphan, it broke my heart to know that so many died and so many children were left to fend for themselves. I wondered how many of them didn't make it because a parent was killed. 

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I'm glad she was sensitive enough to realize Wren needed help.


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