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 Winter 1

"I caught you, you little rut."
For months a sneaky fox had been killing off my hogs. I was now down to 1 sow and honestly I didn't have the items to trade for another one. It was something I would just have to give up and rely on my traps to provide food. The sly fox looked up at me, teeth barring waiting for me to make a wrong move. 

Normally I let the foxes go, they were too skinny to eat but with all my hogs gone I would need it to survive the winter. 

A quick blow to the head was all it took to kill the fox, I was surprised at the meat it did have. I would have food for at least a month. With my supply that I had that meant I had enough for winters end. I was over joyed. 

Life out here was lonely but I had found a companion in a small cat I named Kobe. He hung around my lot often, I assume looking for warmth. It was getting colder by the day out here and though I didn't have many clothes on I was regretting it dearly. 

I only had two outfits, the one from my old home, the kingdom, that was made for fall weather and another the natives made me for the summer. I wasn't good enough to make my own clothes yet and my dress was dirty with hog blood. 

Kobe walks up to me after I kill the fox, probably looking for a snack. He normally took care of all the problems I had with pest around the lot and in exchange I fed him snacks or let him stay in the house where it was warm. 

By the second month of winter he had become a full time resident of my home. For that I was grateful. I guess it was true what they said about cats picking you not them. Kobe liked me well enough I suppose. He wasn't an overly affectionate animal but he helped around big time. 

The birds of this foreign land often attacked my corn fields but with Kobe around killing them off I had more corn for myself and Kobe. 


The last of my hog went up in flames when my stove caught fire. I couldn't believe this was happening. My rations were already small and now I would have to go to bed hungry. I couldn't make these kinds of mistakes if I wanted to make it out here. Tears wouldn't help though. 

Date: 8 Dec 2018 08:30 pm (UTC)
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She's pretty tough; that was a difficult break with the last of the hog going up in flames. I bet even though Kobe isn't affectionate it's nice to have his company!

Date: 8 Dec 2018 08:50 pm (UTC)
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Oh my goodness, I learned the hard way to read about those Sun & Moon mods carefully! I didn't realize how long it took goats to reproduce and yield milk!!!


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