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Fall 1


I was nothing but a peasant girl when my whole family was killed. Everyone in the kingdom was slaughtered. Lain like cattle.. I was off in the woods when it happened. I still can't wrap my brain around it.
Now here I am, in an unknown land. I finally felt safe enough to put down roots. I have a small cabin and some bare necessities but I felt safe. 

My family, we were seamstress. I was only 16 when they were killed so I wasn't as good as my mother and gran but I tried. I practiced everyday. So far, I could make potholders which wasn't bad in the grand scheme of things. I made a lot of smoked meat and burned through potholders like you wouldn't believe. 

Though my kingdom was taken down when I was 16, I was now a full fledged woman. I was 18 years old today. Crazy to think about all the things I was suppose to be doing today. I was to be married in just 2 weeks to the shop keepers son, Alac but I guess that was no more. 

I, instead, sat down to a formal dinner by myself. Sausage and mush. I killed one of my hogs for this meal and I was going to enjoy it no matter what. 

On my long journey here I had gotten sick and some Natives had taken me in. They were a beautifully nice group of people who after healing me, taught me many different things to help me survive.. One of those things was bait and trap. My family had always hunted for the animals, sometimes sending parties out for 3 or 4 days at a time. It was always a scary time because sometimes there were men that didn't come back.

Winter was fast approaching and the last of the wanders would be leaving. My food was low and I had to make some more baskets to trade for goods. My fingers bleed from the amount of baskets I had made today but I didn't care. If I didn't get the seeds I needed I wouldn't last through the winter and my families legacy would be done. 

Ooooh, how yall like my story? Its a legacy but with mcc bits in it... I need a break from my 102 babies.. Honestly I love it and will probably play some more tonight but I NEED my rotational gameplay, rules, and hardships LOL. I don't know how heavy I'll get with the story and if it annoys me or bores me I'll switch it up to game play again but for now I am happy with it..

Date: 8 Dec 2018 08:22 pm (UTC)
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Wow, a legacy with a MCC flavor, this is awesome! It's interesting that she learned some skills after being separated from her family, to help her survive. Making it in a single family household with primitive resources is very challenging. She's in a for a difficult time, I think!


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