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This is pretty much the last family dinner the first clan have

Here is FOUR or FIVE?? I don't know, anyway she is gorgeous and I am living for her! She will def be put up for download...

Just a normal day at the Mama house... 

It is BD 1 birthday.. That should tell you how long this challenge has been going on in sim time.. I always have aging mods in my game so he had 30 something days of adulthood... 

Snazzy elder is snazzy and the boys both come home with an A

Extra 1 will be staying with his mom.. Until he dies basically. I don't see a reason to move him out since he is an extra child. 

Extra 1: So mom, just me and you huh??
BM: Sure, not for long though kid..
THREE, FOUR, FIVE, AND SIX all moved out with there dad into the house ONE and TWO have.. It is now time for bd 2!

Introducing baby daddy 2!! 

He comes into the family with 1000 dollars and gets a job.. I cannot remember what job he gets but it is a job nonetheless. 
He hasn't met extra 1 yet but him and BM get along great...

. For those keeping count.. That was only 9 pictures not 10 but my sims 2 still isn't opening so that's all I have! See yall next time !!


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