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Oh man, we are finally on rotations of households! First up Queen Julie...

Summer started with exciting news from the kingdom! 

"Queen Julie, I have exciting news."

"Well? Spit it out!"

"Your castle is done Queen. I hope you love it as much as I do." At that the queen smiles big. This was all starting to seem very real..

She wasn't leaving just yet though, it was an important time today. Wren was becoming a man!

The celebration was a good one! Everyone seemed to get along for this one day before it was time to go. 

"Queen, the castle is a days ride away.. If we are to make it at a decent time we need to leave now." The queen nods her head while her Physician and Head of Knights gathered everything for the ride. 

Like planned, Wren would stay behind. He was only a merchant and wouldn't be joining the queen at the castle.

Wren waved bye to the queen. He would miss her in the home everyday. Seeing her smile and being around her presences. 

Once everyone had left Wren had a mental breakdown. He hated being alone and now he would be alone for the foreseeable future. Though there was news in the kingdom that some people were moving to the kingdom because of its' lack environment. Maybe he would find himself a wife and start a family.. If he couldn't have the queen that would be the next best thing. 

The ride was long.. They rode though most of day one and all of day two. On the third day they finally reached the castle. Queen Julie took a moment to survey the area. It was so beautiful here. Wren had done a fantastic job.

"Your Majesty, the castle is around the bend here." Julie looks over to her adviser. "Coming."

Julie could tell Kobe was glad to be at the new house. The ride had been horrid for him. He hated not being able to do what he wanted when he wanted. It caused many laughs for the queen but she was glad her cat was happy now. 

Pudding also came along for the ride but being only a kitten she slept for 90% of the trip. The castle was so big however she feared losing her cats within the walls. 

Queen Julie realized quickly that being a Royal was no easy matter. She had only just gotten settled and already had a line a mile long at her door. Many wanted to move here, start trade routes, partner with her kingdom..

"Queen, if we are ever to finish by night fall we must start seeing people now." Julie sighs, she just wanted to dance, horribly.

"I suppose you are right Sterling. Let us begin then."

Giggling at the queen Sterling made his way to the door to start the process. 

The process was slow and painful. Most of the people that wanted to move here were peasants and though she wanted to welcome everyone she couldn't allow just anybody in. She had to turn down so many or put them on a wait list. That was heart breaking for her. 

"I'm sorry Ms. Cornfield. We can put you on a wait list but we are tapped out.." With a sigh the peasant girl agreed to the wait list and went on her way.


Sterling loved the castle but having the kitchen by the dungeon was the dumbest idea he had ever heard of. "Why would Wren do this.. This leaves the queen very unprotected! I doubt we will be in this castle for long.." Wren grumbled to himself while he made dinner. A cook wasn't hired yet so it fell on him, he didn't mind though because he loved to cook.

Pudding grew up toward the end of summer. She was very beautiful with no markings from her mother which Queen Julie was okay with. 

"Thank you, I look forward to our kingdoms becoming one." With a handshake the women seal the deal. 

"As my token of gradatude for helping my kingdom, I wanted to offer you a gift." The woman moves aside to reveal a beautiful woman. Julie was stunned. 

"My present is her?"

"Well I heard you was attracted to women.. I would gladly offer you a woman for my kingdom for your kind help." 

Julie soon found out that the woman was a lively funny woman. Julie was instantly smitten with the woman. They talked long into the night and the queen asked to court her. The woman seemed honored and agreed. The summer was certainly an eventful one. 


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