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Julies bath was cut short with a sharp knock on her door. 

"Who the hell can that be? Especially at this time of night."

Julie gets out of her relaxing bath and dresses quickly.

"Robert? Is that really you?" Julie runs into Roberts outstretched arms. 

"The rumors were true. You are alive!"

The pair chat well into the night about there kingdom being destroyed. 

"When I got back I knew something was wrong. There was no one at the gate.. No one at any of the shops. It was so odd and when I got into my house I found my mother and father dead.. It was horrible." Robert pulls her into his arms... 

"I assume my brother was dead as well." Julie nods. "Well, I see you are doing well here. Are you taking care of all of this by yourself?"

"God no. Some time ago I fished a boy out of the pond. He had fallen in got his foot caught under a rock. Then the season after that one another boy was attacked by wolves and I nursed him back to health. Ever since, those two have lived here and they help me around this place. Actually, funny thing, they want me to be their queen. We named this area Ula'ree and it's just us here. Every once in a while we gets travelers that pass by and that's good for trade but other wise it is just us."

"Well you've been busy I see." 

"You wouldn't believe! Oh my and the boy that was attacked by wolves, Wren, he tried to court me." At that Robert laughs loudly. So loud she heard the boys stir.

"Does he know you are GAY?" 

"No, he had no clue." That makes Robert laugh even more. 

"Everyone knew you and my brother had a pact.You only were marrying him because you can't marry a woman but he could continue with his lover and you could continue with yours. It was the worst kept secret in Dranlya." 

At the sound of the name both of their smiles dropped. It hurt to say it.. She missed home so much. 

"Do you have another bed for me? I know this is last minute but I would like to stay as well Queen Julie."

"Of course I have bed for you Rob. Tomorrow morning we can talk about your place in this kingdom." 

"Queen Julie!" Wren yells out after Julie as she makes her way to the corn fields. 

"Wren.. How are you today?"

"I'm well. Who is that man?"

With raised eyebrows Julie answers, "That is my dear friend Robert."

"I thought you said everyone in your kingdom died?"

"Robert had joined the service the spring prior to the slaughter Wren." Wren nods his head but deep down he was angry. Over breakfast he saw how they were and Wren didn't feel like someone gay acts like that with the opposite sex. 

"I thought you said you were gay Julie." 

"I am gay Wren. What is with all these questions and please address me as Queen Julie"

"I heard you and Robert's conversation this morning. You were talking about royal babies and a castle. Why him and not me QUEEN Julie?"

"Oh my.. This is why eavesdropping is never good. He was asking me as a Queen what I was going to do about the most important part of the job, having a royal heir.. I said I didn't know what I was going to do but the most logical thing would be to take a king and have him help me produce heirs.. Of course he would have to understand that it wouldn't be a real marriage, I would probably have a female lover and the only time we would be in our martial bed would be if we were making a child. I haven't decided anything though because I have many years to think about such a thing."

"Ah, I apologize then for being rude. I really care about you and I hope if you do decide to go logical you choice me."

Julie nods her head in understanding before turning on her heel towards the corn field.

From that conversation on Wren made everything a competition with Robert. What he didn't understand though was it was no match. Wren was still so young and immature and it showed more then ever. 

 "How long have you been in the military?" 

"For 2 years now. I love it more then anything. I am excited to start up a military here in Ula'ree."

"Are you willing to lay your life down for the Queen?"

"I was willing to put my life down for the queen before she was a queen." Robert looks at Julie and makes a silly face mocking Wren, causing Julie to laugh loudly. 

This angered Wren more then anything but it only made Julie and Robert laugh more. 

It wasn't all tension in the Ula'ree kingdom.. Mow and Kobe had a kitten, Julie named her Pudding.


Julie had been so busy this spring she hardly had time to talk to Sterling. So when they sat down for some dinner they had quite a bit to talk about. 

Sterling, though only 16 at this point was wise beyond his years and gave her great insight about what to do about her heir problem. 

"You don't have to marry in order to have a child Queen. After all you are the queen and it doesn't have to be like other kingdoms. If you do decide to marry you can marry a woman. Make being gay legal here in Ula'ree." 

"I suppose you are right Sterling.. Speaking of you being right, In the coming year I will be moving into my castle and wanted to know if you would be my adviser?" 

This shocked Sterling. He was so young and nothing more then a painter by trade but if it made the Queen happy he was willing to do it. " I would be honored Queen Julie!"

"Then it is settled! You will be moving with me to the royal castle!" They share a smile while finishing there dinner.

Wren over hears the conversation and becomes even more enraged. It seemed only he would be not going to the royal castle!

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This is a unique and fascinating way to build a kingdom!


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