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Say whattttt.. Hollywood made a cover photo? You are got damn right.. Let's get it popping ..

BM comes home with a promotion because she is a boss.. Her BD 2 came home proud but didn't come home with a promotion so I'm not sure what he is proud of...

Extra 1 is stressed to the max because his social is so low but his mom won't talk to him because she is wooing her newest baby daddy.. Talk about a messed up family dynamic.

When she isn't wooing she is skilling. With no babies in the house she has a lot of free time.

I know I couldn't remember last time but BD 2 - also known as Johnny - is in the law enforcement career. 

That pop comes and this ball is really rolling now.. 

Im like really awesome at this game ..   I'm basically a slave owner because I work them that hard.

Anywhoo, Extra 1 gets a boo because honestly I couldn't be bothered to fix him and his mothers relationship.

She stays all night and by morning they are steady . How cute. 

I mean honestly , I think she's faking.. They should just slide right out by now.. 

At least my game is acting like it should now.. twins bitches!

Find out all about the twins next update! Which I am two pictures short for but you'll just have to wait.. 


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